Combining Thai traditional wisdoms with modern sensibility in spa therapy.

All traditional Thai spas is deep rooted in the wealth of knowledge about therapeutic tropical herbs and spices as well as that of traditional Thai massaging techniques that is scientific as spiritual. These recipes, insights, moves and gestures as postures are being passed on from generation to now.

At Bulann, we curate an original range of spa treatments, massaging and body therapy packages that aims at restoration as balance for your body and spirit. One of the unique therapies is its signature moon bath spa and wellness series that enhances your bodily beauty as your spiritual harmony.

Spa Hours: 09:00 - 21:00 Hrs.


The well-equipped gym is open to guests who wants to keep fit or looking to give their body and mind a boost-up while staying at Maison. It combines both fitness equipment and other wellness-based exercises, also including an excellent variety of cardio and body weight equipment. This open-design space is designed and arranged for you to sweat it out while enjoying a refreshing and energizing atmosphere.

Gym Hours: 24 hours


An in-house sanctum for some inner spiritual awakenings—and lots of body stretching! A session with our yoga trainer is available for guests to come experience in a series of scheduled classes. Guests can also book a private session. A beginner or advanced, you are delightfully welcome at our Yoga Sanctum.

Please contact for yoga schedules


Relax in our main bar and choose from a wide selection of beverages, including fresh tropical juices, mocktails, cocktails, local and imported beers plus one of the most extensive wine lists on the island.


Maison has dedicated one special space for your little loved ones’s playtime. So, let them play and act themselves out and free! It consists of ball pits with slides and a separate waiting area for the parents to chit chat—and keep an eye on their young ones.


The design of our central pool is inspired by a traditional Central Thai life and culture fostered around the riverbank. The sprawl of scattering lights at the bottom of pool that illuminates like a trail of stardust help us reimagine the trails of fireflies often found by the fresh-water canals of Bangkok back in the old days. It symbolically suggests our guests to follow on the lights that will illuminate their journey from start to end.

Pool Hours 07:00 - 20:00 Hrs.


At Maison, we make sure your business going smoothly as you stay in or on a go. This multi functional office/co-working space provides all essential supports and facilities for any business dealing and meeting, whether big or small. It is also designed for accommodating those digital nomads and global trotters who happen to be working during their time in Bangkok. A meeting room can be pre-booked for greater privacy. It is a business center where things are actually going places!

By reservation only

PANTRY (coming soon)

Imagine an extra space in your travel accommodation to share and hang out with your voyage companions! At Maison, we turn that into a reality with an additional pantry/meeting space for our guests to lounge in, eat and socialize freely. A space for you to unwind, perhaps with a local beverage or sumptuous conversation and endless comradery. It’s you to choose!

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